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  blood health Two Types of Blood Test by Andrew C. Angus

     There are two types of blood test:

a. extraction blood test 
b. bloodless blood  test.

     In "extraction blood  test", the blood parameters such as blood sugar, blood cholesterol, red blood cell count, white blood cell count, etc.  are measured.

      In "bloodless blood test", your blood parameters such as blood pressure, blood cH, blood Hp/ pH, etc. are measured.

     The "extraction blood test" is important in monitoring blood health.  However, "bloodless blood test" is equally important.

    Some groups of people such as the hemophiliacs cannot undergo "extraction blood test" because their condition does not allow them to give up their blood which could lead to their death. Hence, a  "bloodless blood test" is ideal for hemophiliacs.

     What is your blood Hp? What is your blood Hc?

     This website allows you to know your blood Hp / pH and your blood cH without resorting to blood extraction.

    For a just a subscription fee of $5/ year, you can have access to the contents of this website and use our blood Hp meter and blood cH meter.

  Posted by andrew on Sunday, July 01 @ 03:09:18 PDT (32024 reads)
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  blood health Test

my wal test
  Posted by andrew on Saturday, June 30 @ 21:52:35 PDT (189 reads)
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